A Simple Solution to Your Annual Reporting Burdens

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act states that programs receiving federal funding must conduct periodic evaluations which use results to “refine…programs,” make data available upon request, and determine whether a sub-grant is eligible to be renewed. For state administrators and grantees alike, this means a burdensome amount of data management and coordination. 

The advanced analysis required by the federal government, along with individual requirements needed by states, requires expertise in data management, spreadsheets, and exceptional processes that grantees are not always prepared to manage. As a result, the springtime is riddled with time-consuming and frustrating follow-up regarding data accuracy, completeness, and data entry.

AfterSchool21 revolutionized data collection and reporting for 21APR administrators and grantees by being the first provider to launch automated data transfer into the federal system.

This live webinar was recorded on April 24 at 11:00 am Pacific Time.

Viewers will : 

  • Preview proprietary plans for 21APR data automation
  • Understand historical challenges around data automation
  • Have a chance to ask questions of data managers who attended listening sessions with the USED and the Tactile Group
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"AfterSchool21 has positively strengthened education and communities in Georgia, through the 21st CCLC program, in a number of ways. First and more broadly, it requires the programs to focus on data...our programs are able to determine which students are receiving the greatest benefit from the program. This allows the programs to identify the strategies that are most successful and apply them across the program."

Former Grant Manager, 21st Century Community Learning Centers, GA Department of Education

"The AfterSchool21 team demonstrates responsiveness to client needs and has helped with gathering of data ... {they} also keep abreast of reporting requirements by the US Department of Education and structure the system to mirror the federal reporting. {Federal Reporting} will be changing this year and I feel confident that the AfterSchool21 will help with this transition."

Out of School Learning Coordinator - Wausau School District