21st Century Community Learning Center (21CCLC) Grants are important funding sources but not guaranteed to be renewed. During this webinar, grant and program administrators will be given resources for evaluating their program's ability to sustain itself outside of 21CCLC funding, and ideas for how to build sustainability.  This recorded webinar covers:

  1. Self-Evaluation

    Receive a rubric to evaluate your program's current sustainability.

  2. Overview of Steps to Sustainability

    Learn what sustainable programs are doing to develop their programs.

  3. Learn from Others

    Watch a case study about a program who found sustainability success.

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Comments from Session Attendees at Beyond School Hours:

"A good roadmap for programs who are just getting started"

"This information is helpful for us to know while we are waiting to hear if we will receive the {21CCLC} grant. Thank you!"