Our online program management software is built on 25+ years of experience serving thousands of after-school programs and 12+ State Departments of Education. Our solutions provide:
Error-Free Compliance 
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Streamline daily attendance and end-of-term reports with software designed to meet federal reporting requirements. 

Student Information Security
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Easily access participant records containing emergency contact and caretaker information based on preset staff security levels.  

Precise Dashboards
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Gain real-time insights, discover broad trends, and drill down to specific details with customizable dashboards and reports.

For Evaluators

AfterSchool21 provides aggregate data so evaluators can quickly and easily analyze program data and determine program effectiveness. Contact us for a 30-minute demonstration today.

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21APR Reporting Alignment

Quickly and accurately generate reports that are aligned to each section of the federal 21st Century Community Learning Center Annual Performance Report (21APR).

Organization - Grant Funder

Evaluation Support

Give evaluator access to aggregated information about your program such as program participation, staffing, and outcomes.

Dashboard - main page

Securely Stored Student Information

Allow or restrict access to student information based on user roles and the location of programs. 

Reports - Notifications

Automated Data Validation for Program Sites

Ensure accuracy with automated indicators that notify you when sections have missing or insufficient data.

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Cost-Effective Evaluation Tool 

One subscription provides universal access across all programs for centralized, uniform data collection.

For Grant Managers

AfterSchool21 is the online data and program management software that grant managers across the country use to confidently complete the 21APR and analyze their effectiveness. Contact us for a 30-minute demonstration today.

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Improve Efficiency with a Next-Gen Data Management Tool

Use one software system to manage all of the requirements needed to operate 21CCLC after-school programs.

Reports - Participants

Strengthen Student Programming

Determine program effectiveness, including strengths and weaknesses, through attendance and outcome reporting. 

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Cost-Effective Evaluation Tool 

One subscription provides universal access across all programs for centralized and uniform data collection.

Activities - 2 screens - laptop and monitor

Flexible Attendance Options

Choose one of 10 built-in attendance tracking methods to meet 21CCLC attendance reporting requirements.

Reports - Notifications

Automated Data Accuracy Alerts

Empower site staff to address missing or incomplete data through automated alerts that clearly indicate where data intervention is needed.

For Individual Sites

AfterSchool21 helps individual sites quickly and easily take attendance and access participant contact information with the most customizable solution on the market. Contact us for a 30-minute demonstration today.
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Mobile Attendance

Track attendance through your mobile device's camera or touchscreen and sync with your AfterSchool21 software. 


Reports - 3 screens - laptop tablet and mobile V2

Securely Share Critical Data

Protect and share sensitive information by limiting access to the personal identifiable information (PII) of your participants. 

Dashboard - 2 screens - laptop and tablet

Understand the Impact of Your Programs

Segment results by demographics, program site, and more.

Reports - Notifications

Missing Data Alerts

Clearly identify which mandatory reporting sections are missing information via automated notifications. 

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Single Sign-On Compatible

AfterSchool21 users can use their district email credentials to login to their account. 


"AfterSchool21 has strengthened education and communities in Georgia, through the 21st CCLC program.

First and more broadly, it helps the programs to focus on data. Through the entering of data and analysis of reports, our programs are able to determine which students are receiving the greatest benefit from the program. This allows the programs to identify the strategies that are most successful and apply them across the program.

Second, our state places a strong emphasis on attendance. We utilize the attendance reports in AS21 to monitor our programs’ attendance and provide focused technical assistance on those programs that are struggling to meet their attendance goals. As a state, we have seen significant gains in the number of students served because we are targeting those programs that have the greatest opportunity for improvement.

Finally, we utilize a number of reports in AS21 to assist with our formal monitoring. Our programs are able to utilize these reports throughout the year to ensure they are meeting state and Federal requirements."

Mike Thaler, Former Georgia Department of Education 21st CCLC Grant Manager

"The Wausau School District has been using the Cayen Systems for Out-of-School attendance and record keeping since 2007. This has been a tremendous resource for 21st Century grant reporting. We run our programs under multiple funding sources and the ability to track attendance and create reports tied to the appropriate funding is valuable. I appreciate the ability to monitor at a District level and prepare reports as needed for principals and other stakeholders.

The AfterSchool Programs team demonstrates responsiveness to client needs and has helped with gathering of data needed with some additional tracking requested by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. They also keep abreast of reporting requirements by the US Department of Education and structure the system to mirror the federal reporting. {Federal Reporting} will be changing this year and I feel confident my subscription to AfterSchool Programs will help with this transition.

Additionally, with the loss of the federal PPICS system, I was pleased to know that I still have access to historical data in their data backups. Thank you, AfterSchool Programs team, for 'having our back.'"

Nancy Cedar, Out of School Learning Coordinator - Wausau School District - Wausau, WI