New AS21 Reporting for All Sites Within a District and State


AfterSchool21 (AS21) software supports after-school programs at the state and local levels in submitting compliant data for their annual performance report, 21APR.  

State departments of education and school district administrators that subscribe to TransACT’s AS21 have access to new reporting. 

TransACT's AS21 software supports out-of-school-time (OST) programs funded by 21st Century Community Learning Center (CCLC) grants at the state and local levels in submitting compliant data for their Annual Performance Report (APR). The new reports, available as part of our November software development release, are in AS21 under the "CCLC APR Monitoring" category and show various information for programs across the entire state or a particular district, including:  

Reports are an overview of information related to the APR and have a calendar attached as well as the number of schools associated and partners:

  • An overview of information related to the APR and a calendar are attached as well as the number of schools associated and partners
  • When creating a report, admin users can choose a reporting period for a particular district
  • Users can view information for all reporting periods or specific ones, such as summer or the school year
  • Within the columns in the report are staff counts for the program, student attendance, and participation counts for the date range selected
  • Staff can export the report to HTML or CSV and filter the results

Expected Student Count Error Messages

AS21 can now put an expected student count in the database. If a program has a connection to the district Student Information System (SIS), staff can transfer expected student counts in a nightly import from their district’s SIS 

  • Various messages will appear in AS21 now to make users aware that the count of students in the transfer is less than what is expected (for example, less than 10,000 student files but greater than 99% of the expected count)
  • The lower count will generate a critical failure with the import and prevent the import to the SIS
  • Where programs using either AS21 or the Homeless Information Management System for Students have data share capabilities, some set an expiration date when the data share expires. We’ve made enhancements so admin users will receive a message that the data share is stopping within six months
  • The message will turn yellow if the data share is set to expire within thirty days and turn red if the expiration date is within seven days

Reports Receive Upgrades 

Programs using the self-check report to evaluate and assess themselves have more information and can access it quicker, thanks to some improvements in AS21

  • Demographic information is put in reporting periods rather than an entire year's worth of data  
  • Non-21st CCLC-funded after-school programs can now access the same functionality in AS21 to collect data and see reports as CCLC programs
  • The APR tab now shows up for the non-21st CCLC-funded after-school programs, including the self-check report so that they can see information about their program

About AfterSchool21 

State departments of education and OST programs across the country use AS21 to support clean, accurate data for their annual performance reports, year-over-year reporting for their donors and grants, and fee management for their parent-pay features.  

AS21 supports in-person, hybrid, and virtual OST programs with the ability to collect and submit evidence of participation. Contact us for a 15-minute demonstration today 

Ken Fisher

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Ken Fisher is a Staff Writer at TransAct. Ken has over a decade of experience serving K-12 students and writes about topics related to education and news about TransAct products.