New AS21 Teacher Survey Functionality Supports Program Improvement


Teacher surveys can now be distributed with an email and a single link to a Teacher Portal inside AfterSchool21 (AS21), streamlining and centralizing your collection and reporting on student progress.

TransACT’s AS21 supports programs funded by 21st Century Community Learning Center (21CCLC) grants with 21APR data collection. As part of our January 2023 software development release, the updated survey distribution process and other improvements to reporting help programs more efficiently meet federal grant requirements and address reporting needs related to the Annual Performance Review (APR).   

APR questions relate to how students progress in specific performance indicators associated with the 21CCLC program from the beginning to the end of the year. To help facilitate the collection of this data, AS21 sends teachers a survey via email. With the latest change, teachers now receive an email that links them to a student list in a secure online portal.

Teacher Survey Demonstrates Program Improvement

Participating teachers can complete the survey faster and more accurately thanks to these software improvements. Historically, teachers would receive a spreadsheet containing a list of the students in their classroom for whom they would need to complete the survey and then have to go back and forth between the spreadsheet and the survey—a cumbersome process. Now teachers can access the list of students within AS21: 

  1. The teacher clicks the link in the email 
  2. The link takes them to a Teacher Portal 
  3. The teacher can click on a link for each child in the list 

AS21 teacher survey email

AS21 teacher portal

The student list in the Teacher Portal will also automatically update with the number of students participating in the program and how many surveys are completed. Additionally, the link is reusable by the teacher throughout the spring.  

Operational Requirements Report Revamped 

This report shows how frequently and for how long a program was open during the summer and school year reporting periods, giving program directors better access to this information. The report shows the number of hours, days, and weeks programs operated during each reporting period.

Programs tend to base their grant applications on this data, so having the actual participation and activity data already set up in the AS21 system will save admin time and assist programs in proving they would benefit from expanding their activities. 

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About AfterSchool21 

AfterSchool21 is a web-based software system that increases the effectiveness of an after-school program and 21APR data collection. The software system was built to capture and visualize all the data to run an after-school program.  

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Ken Fisher

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Ken Fisher is a Staff Writer at TransAct. Ken has over a decade of experience serving K-12 students and writes about topics related to education and news about TransAct products.