Enrollment Customization Management Gives Parents and Schools Better Data


Out Of School Time (OST) program admin users will now have fewer duplicate enrollment records, more accurate payment records, and more flexibility when submitting 21APR data in the newest AS21 software development release. 

Validation of Student ID  

If a parent goes into the parent portal of AS21 and tries to enroll a student, but doesn't know the Student ID number, often they make up a value to enter this field. The student record and the payment account information don't synch with those made-up numbers. So, if parents owe student fees, they are unaware because the correct data isn't in the student record.  

  • A connection between AS21 and existing registration records will ensure proper payment information appears in the parent portal  
  • When enabling this option, AS21 forces staff to match up the Student ID before they can approve an enrollment application  
  • By forcing the ID check, there's now a better connection between enrollment forms, registration records, and payment information  

Enrollment Approval Process – Duplicate Records  

An additional check during the enrollment approval process will reduce the number of duplicate records in AS21 and give admin users and parents better information. Sometimes, a student already has a registration record (someone at a site manually added the student record). Then a parent also applies from the parent portal, creating a second record when the enrollment is approved.  

With the update, AS21 now links the enrollment record from the parent to the existing registration record through the parent portal. Automatic checks will find matches between the student, parent, and registration records.  

Changes To APR for 21st Century Programs  

State admin users now have more flexibility in how they submit data for their programs to 21APR:  

  • States can choose the frequency with which programs receiving 21st CCLC grants will certify their data 
  • Options include Summer, Fall, and Spring certifications, Summer and School Year certifications, or Full Year certification 
  • With the change in federal reporting requirements, admin users can choose specific sections of the APR data to submit to 21APR, which allows the state to align with the two 21APR data submission windows (Activities/Staffing/Participation and Outcomes) 
  • Formatting of data being submitted to 21APR for the Activities and Participation sections now aligns with the new 21APR data elements, such as hours of participation by grade level, activity total hours offered, and activity total participants  

About AfterSchool21   

State departments of education and OST programs across the country use AS21 to support clean, accurate data for their annual performance reports, year-over-year reporting for their donors and grants, and fee management or their parent-pay features.   

AS21 supports in-person, hybrid, and virtual OST programs with the ability to collect and submit evidence of participation. Contact us for a 15-minute demonstration today.   

Ken Fisher

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Ken Fisher is a Staff Writer at TransAct. Ken has over a decade of experience serving K-12 students and writes about topics related to education and news about TransAct products.