Streamline Tracking for Grant-Funded Program Data with AfterSchool21


21CCLC data management and 21APR accuracy

Grant coordinators collect a daunting amount of data to maintain the federal funds that help operate after-school programs. It is especially true when their program participates in the U.S. Department of Education's 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) initiative, which promotes the creation of after-school learning centers and other academic enrichment efforts. 

The 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21CCLC) program awards grants to programs to fund after-school enrichment. Every state has different requirements regarding data collection, and this year is even more confusing for K-12 Grant Administrators as new government reporting requirements took effect July 1.

AfterSchool21 (AS21) by TransACT simplifies the reporting and data collection process by allowing program administrators and grant administrators to track, manage, and compile data, easing federal or state reporting burden.

Significant changes for grant-funded programs under the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) requirements called for more comprehensive reports in many areas. Program administrators have to pull data from new sources to show progress towards their goals. Current AS21 subscribers have access to a reporting system and automated calculations updated for GPRA changes. State Departments of Education and after-school programs across the country are already planning for these changes. AS21 provides a complete picture of a program in an easy-to-access online system: 

  • Intuitive admin dashboard
  • An evaluator's dream - hundreds of out-of-the-box reports are available on performance
  • Accurate and quickly accessed reporting aligned to ARP21
  • Easy-drill down reporting
  • Customizable surveys
  • Live customer support   

Grant coordinators and program administrators don't have to interpret the GPRA's significant reporting changes on their own. Not being prepared can negatively impact students and leaves programs without the quantifiable data needed for long-term program decisions.

Schedule a demonstration to help understand the expectations of programs from now on and how AS21 will make reporting quick and stress-free.

About The Author

Alyssa Thornley has spent her career working to support schools and communities in providing opportunity to all students. In positions as a teacher, professional development coordinator, and as a volunteer, she has focused on the community’s role in education, and in designing efficient programs that work for diverse needs. Alyssa leads TransACT’s customer engagement and market strategy efforts, and works to ensure innovative programs, guidance, and thought leadership from across the country’s districts are being shared and spread.